London Fringe is a wrap

I think everyone just crashed Monday after the Fringe ended late Sunday with a wrap up party at apk live.

We were all so tired after 12 days of merry madness. It was very quiet yesterday.

I had one volunteer who worked 13 hours from Saturday through to 3 a.m. Sunday.  Lily Frampton was amazing. Thank you.

I met so many creative and zany people. It was a lot of fun. Hard work, too, making sure all of the many shifts were filled. But a great experience as well.

And it was busy. Lots of patrons. Waiting to see final numbers but should at least equal last year’s attendance.

Now awaiting my next assignment.


2 thoughts on “London Fringe is a wrap

  1. Was wondering if you showed your film (the contest you entered from a few month ago) at the Fringe? Can you make it available to your readers here?

    Also, I’m personally not a very big fan of the new format look that you have here now on this blog? Will this be the permanent look or are just experimenting. Do you actually prefer this look for your blog more than what you had originally? Additionally, was little curious if the various images you had as a heading on the old-style blog were your own photos. They were very evocative and visually interesting.

    • Hi Anyone,
      My film was not shown at the festival. They used to have a film component, but not anymore.
      I tried to burn a copy to my blog, but everything I tried didn’t work. If someone knows how to do this, please let me know. I have a DVD copy but I couldn’t move it over to the blog.
      You are right about this blog layout. I don’t really fancy it either. It was a journalism blog template I used but I think I’ll switch back to the old style.
      The photos were not mine but I believe I can use some of my own in the old format.
      Thanks for prompting me to change the look.

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