A kiss from a veteran after Fringe Letters in Wartime show

After attending this powerful Fringe show Wednesday night, a veteran came up the aisle in his wheelchair.

He said the show Letters in Wartime, performed by Melissa MacPherson and Jon Patterson, was true to life.

We quickly called the performers over so that they could hear this from veteran Fred themselves.

The night before at the Fringe No Show, MacPherson said it was gratifying to hear from veterans about the show and this is why they must continue to perform. She also wanted to keep the horrors of war in a public forum so that we would never lose sight of what occurred during WW II and the price that was paid.

Fred told us that he was in York in England during the war, one of the places the show’s RCAF pilot Allan, played by Patterson, spent time.

Fred said his eyes weren’t great so he never flew, but he was a mechanic for the aircraft  used during the war.

We all shook his hand and thanked him.

 Fred , whose daughter pushed him in the wheelchair, blew me a kiss as he exited the theatre.

How lucky am I!!

I blew him back a kiss in a moment that will last a lifetime.


One thought on “A kiss from a veteran after Fringe Letters in Wartime show

  1. Which branch of the Services one belonged to was very important in
    wartime.Land, sea or air ?Thanks for identifying the RCAF as that of
    Mr. Fred (?) and the important function he performed in younger days,
    even to where he was stationed..He might have named the type of air
    craft too, if pressed..
    Too often media refer to these people vaguely by their civilian status –
    “veteran” – which can mean any role of the hundreds needed to fight a
    war. Ground crew lacks the glamour of flight but pilots and crews counted
    on those men to enable them to fly the planes, some handed over in pretty
    bad shape.
    (Not sure we need so much about the assistive device – “daughter who
    accompanied him” would have done instead of focussing on the mobile

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