Young man dies after stabbing on Adelaide Street

136 Adelaide

London police are investigating a fatal stabbing on Adelaide St.

A forensics unit was set up on the street, just south of Hamilton Rd., Thursday evening to investigate the death of a 19-year-old.

Police on scene would not comment on what happened but they installed a forensics tent four houses down from 136 Adelaide, where the stabbing was reported to have occurred.

Neighbours and friends said the victim is Jared McKnight.

Tia Mazur, 15, lives at 136 Adelaide, and said she came upon the scene about 7 pm and was told she could not enter her home, blocked by police tape.

“Someone got stabbed on my porch,” she said. “My dog had blood on him.”

Mazur was later taken into the back of a cruiser and when she emerged she was crying uncontrollably.

A man who lives at 136 Adelaide St. said police came in and arrested him. Perry Eggett Sr. said he was sleeping when police “kicked in the door” and grabbed him.

“I got thrown against the car (crusier) and then was put in the back seat,” Eggett said.

He was not charged.

Eggett said he did not know exactly what happened but that his son (who has the same name) was in a fight. 

A police officer told Eggett he was arrested “unfortunately” because he has the same name as his son.

Eggett said he was concerned about his son’s wellbeing.

Police laid out markers beside drops of blood on the sidewalk. An officer was taking swabs of the blood on the sidewalk.

Jonni Burgess, who knew the victim, said this isn’t typical of the neighbourhood.

“This is just unexpected. It makes this neighbourhood sound worse.”

As more people gathered, word spread quickly that McKnight’s girlfriend had sent out a text message that he had died.

One man who knew the victim said he had recently gotten a job, was in a good relationships and was excited about life.


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