Legendary bluegrass picker Doc Watson dies

My father got me into bluegrass music.

Don’t listen to it often these days but I like it when I hear it.

Doc Watson, one of the best known bluegrass guitar players in the world, died Tuesday at 89.

Watson was blind due to an eye infection as a baby.

My son has pink eye right now. Not nearly in the same league, but modern medicine always makes me thankful we have the tools to deal with infections fairly quickly and cheaply.

Watson won seven Grammy awards, including a lifetime achievement award.

Watson collaborated on the 1972 album Will the Circle be Unbroken.

Love that song. My father, who also played the banjo, like Watson, played that song after my grandmother died.

It’s inspirational.

What is your favourite music style?


One thought on “Legendary bluegrass picker Doc Watson dies

  1. I stumbled across ( ya stumbled ) a bluegrass music group playing in a bar just off Bourbon St. last time there. It turned to into 5 hours of true bliss, the time went as fast as it possible could. Sure hope I can find it next time . . . ..

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