Beckett’s Endgame produced in London

AlvegoRoot Theatre Company is presenting one of Beckett’s best-known works.

It runs from May 30 to June 2 at The Arts Project on Dundas St.

“Though Endgame is often seen as a dark play, I take the opposite view,” said Adam Corrigan Holowitz, AlvegoRoot founder and director of Endgame.

 “It is hopeful, funny and touching. Beckett brings theatre to it’s essentials; human beings and emotion on stage. Something we all can connect to.”

Jason Rip and Chris Bancroft play the leads.

This was the first play I studied in high school. It certainly was bizarre. Simple and complex at the same time. It is considered in the style of the theatre of the absurd.

I am looking forward to seeing it again.

On June 2, beginning at 12:30 pm you can also catch AlvegoRoot’s Manor Park, written and performed by Corrigan Holowitz. The play tells of his childhood school and neighborhood and examines childhood, neighborhoods and education. Both productions can be seen for $20.

What are your impressions of Endgame?



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