Still cheering for the Islanders

Although my team isn’t in the playoffs, I just finished watching them on TV.

I was watching an ESPN classic game between the Isles and the Penguins in the 1993 playoffs.

Every time the Islanders scored I was clapping and cheering. And I knew the outcome.

My son kept saying to me, ‘Mom, this isn’t live.’

It was great just to see them play in May, whether it was live or not.

Lemieux and Jagr played for Pittsburgh. Jagr looked quite big out there. Funny how much bigger the players are now. Jagr certainly isn’t big now by any stretch.

If you could watch any NHL game over again, which one would it be?



One thought on “Still cheering for the Islanders

  1. Love to see a old Wing Leaf match where the leafs get trounced . . . or Bobby Orr flying through the air while lighting the red lite up

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