Relief: Rafferty guilty

Michael Rafferty has been found guilty of first degree murder, kidnapping and sexual assault in the death of Tori Stafford.

Tori won’t come home again but at least Rafferty won’t either.


7 thoughts on “Relief: Rafferty guilty

  1. Tori won’t come home again but at least Rafferty won’t either.
    The Free Press called it justice . . . . CRAP . . .I hope he is in general population, & the tax payer is on the hook for 105K a year, not to mention the appeals we will pay for , , ,

  2. Let’s give a thought to our fellow citizens whom fate chose to have to sit
    through the proceedingsl in the Jury box. And who have live with the results of
    their deliberations and hearing that evidence- as does the judge – for the rest
    of their lives.
    Whereas we could just tune it out, turn it off, no matter how media play it.

    • What Dirk Dirstine says to the obvious media question ” Will there be an
      appeal in Mr. Rafferty’s case?
      “I expect there will be, yes.
      He’s been found guilty of everything, so there’s literally no downside in trying.
      One of the grounds that I expect would be appealed would be the decision for
      the change of venue. [The trial was moved from Tori’s hometown of Woodstock
      to London, which is only 45 kilometres away.]
      I’m not likely to be the primary appeal lawyer and it’s not going to be my call.”
      –Kathy, haven’t been following closely but assume that all of this is being done
      through legal aid funding. Not clear on such big cost Defence works.
      Do wsh media would give us more on the process and a bit less on personalities.
      It won’t be over until all avenues have been explored and there is no doubt about
      the findings. Then over from Justice to Correctional services.


  3. Charter Rights,
    Yes, legal aid paid for Rafferty’s defence.
    The cost of the investigation, which included more than 1,000 police officers, 440 support personnel and 14 police services, will also be quite hefty.

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