Searching for a good car

I’ve always owned or leased a car from one of the Big 3.
My lease on our van is about to expire and I need some advice on what’s out there that’s good.
By good I mean decent to drive, not a gas guzzler, can fit hockey equipment and soccer balls and is a four door.
That’s wide open I know, but I’d like to know what you guys drive and like.


2 thoughts on “Searching for a good car

  1. K,
    When considering your next new vehicle purchase, in addition to price; style; status; utility; gas-mileage; crash-test ratings; mechanical defects/recall…perhaps you might be somewhat concerned about toxic chemicals, and you’d like to find out if material in the car is safe or will make you sick and even kill you.

    Realize that various car materials off-gas and leach chemicals from interior auto parts i.e. steering wheels, dashboards, trim and seats (all contributing to that ‘new-car’ smell) and a range of new car models have known amounts of toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing process that scientists and researchers consider very harmful when inhaled or ingested.

    If you’d like more information on the topic:

    EcologyCenter has created
    See their study
    that examines and rates vehicles and their health and environmental impact.

    Find out if material used in the vehicle—since by now, everybody knows that exposure to indoor air pollution kills—has been made with VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) benzene, toluene, xylene; chlorides as in PVC’s; and Bromides (flame retatardants) PBDE’s; plasticizers and phthalates and other hydrocarcon compounds that have come to be know to cause:
    Thyroid, hormonal problems
    Liver, brain, kidney, blood problems
    Learning disabilities

    The study also mentions paint….of course most of us buy a vehicle mostly because of the colour 🙂

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