Newt Gingrich has dropped out of the Republican race

Hooray, I say.

He was too polarizing and too ascerbic.

He said Obama was the most leftist president in the history of the United States.

Do you believe that is true?

Gingrich took the opportunity, as he dropped out, to list his accomplishments and work.

Will he run again?

I don’t think so. He realized he couldn’t win and had no choice but to end his campaign.

He’s not the right candidate and that won’t change.


3 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich has dropped out of the Republican race

  1. Should also be noted: Gingrich, (like former US president Clinton; like former IMF head Dominique Strass Kahn; like US Congressmen Weiner and Craig; NY Attorney General Spitzer, even former NY mayor Guiliani all are in that “club” who have been tainted by sex and mistress and other taudry issues scandals) . However Edwards faces criminal charges not for “cheating” or what some see as distasteful sexual profligacy (on account of his wife dying from cancer), rather for allegedly misappropriating campaign funds (or knowingly directing so-called “private” funds (hee, hee, blush)) to effect a cover-up of said sexual affair(s) for the purpose of avoiding scandal and to ultimately win office (therefore strictly speaking a slick sleight-of-hand for campaign gain).

    It remains to be litigated whether the definition of ‘corruption’ lies in “bad” behaviour, poor judgment, or fancy footwork with funds.

    Is this always to be a ‘man thing’ or will it also become a ‘woman thing’ as more women achieve high office and positions of power and public standing?

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