John Edwards duped a lot of people

It’s scary to think John Edwards could have been the president.

Edwards’ trial on felony charges is under way now in North Carolina.

Thankfully, Edwards’ bid for the Democratic nomination failed twice. He was also the running mate of presidential nominee Senator John Kerry.

The bright, articulate Edwards had a lot of people fooled. He looked good. He spoke well. He said what people wanted to hear and he knew how to charm. I liked what I saw of him on TV.

So did a lot of others on the screen and in person.

It’s frustrating to think how some people have charmed their way to the top.

He also had an affair that created a child and he demanded that his aide claim he was the father, according to testimony.

 Edwards was an extremely successful lawyer and fought for the underdogs.

When did he become corrupt or do you think he always was?

Did power go to his head?

Did he think he was untouchable?

Here is an interesting column from one journalist who was fooled.–how-he-fooled-me–and-what-i-learned.html


3 thoughts on “John Edwards duped a lot of people

  1. In the end, if his (Edward’s) legal expenses are picked up by a private person, will that be seen as a an illegal donation too, and will it set up a new round of litigation?

    As far as your point about being “duped” I think I tried to make a similar point earlier during WWI discussion. Many millions met their end. Did they even realize they we’re duped?

    We are always duped. We all want to aspire to and believe in the ideal, the magic, the heroic. This is why we are blind to religion, to leaders, to movements, and even to lovers. The question is: are we willing to accept the revelation that yes, we are duped, and even the gods, prophets and angels have feet of clay.

    Better not to admit to being duped…who wants to admit to being a fool?

    We won’t be fooled again…but then, we always are.

  2. Canadians electors can’t be ‘duped’ by this – it is about the governance of a foreign country.

  3. If you want some real entertainment in another jurisdicition, follow the Toronto Mayor vs. Toronto Star reporter saga. Maps and all…

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