Play about murder of Canadian weapons scientist Gerald Bull

I’m going to see the Passionfool theatre show, Three in the Back, Two in the Head. 

It’s based on a true story and I’m always intrigued by these kinds of plays.

The Canadian Encyclopedia said Gerald Bull displayed genius at a young age. (He was orphaned at age 3) and earned a PhD in aerodynamics at 23.

He formed the Space Research Corp in 1971 and it was funded by offering scientific services to countries unable to afford national space programs.

But by 1980 he was convicted of illegally exporting arms to South Africa.

He moved to Europe after his release and was working with Iraq to provide long-range artillery . That would have given the country the capability of delivering fire into Israel. 

Bull was shot at his apartment.  

Wikipedia says members of the Mossad, the CIA, MI6, Chilean, Iraqi, Iran’s VEVAK, or South African government were all speculated as being behind the assassination

For more information about the play, visit


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