Canadian wins Boston Marathon race

Josh Cassidy won the wheelchair marathon race in Boston Monday in world record time.

It was 27 C during the race.

“I wanted to stick with what was familiar and not worry about the heat,” Cassidy said.

I admire anyone who can complete a marathon, let alone win one.

I run to keep in shape but I don’t think I could do a marathon.

Could you?

If you have completed one, how gruelling did you find it to be?



One thought on “Canadian wins Boston Marathon race

  1. Did not follow this story…and am not at all familiar with the mechanics involved in qualifying the wheelchairs used for these and say other wheelchair events, but would be interested to know if there is any information as far as whether all are standard issue; similar material, or are individual ‘chairs allowed to be customized and/or made from any material: aluminum, titanium, plastics, composites.

    Also, do I understand that ‘name’ marathons such as Boston, New York, Chicago have pre-qualification criteria for their challenged participants as they do for all their other registrants? Any information on qualification standards would be interesting.

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