Believing at Easter

My eight-year-old tells me he no longer believes in the Easter Bunny.

On the holiest day of the Christian calendar, it’s a time many celebrate but do we ponder?

Do we have doubts? I do. I sometimes struggle with the beliefs in which I was raised.

But can so many people who believe be wrong?

I think of family members who have passed on at this time of year, particularly my father. I wonder about his soul.

In his obituary, we asked people to do a random act of kindness to honour his memory.

Today I gave a boy, who was shivering at a bus stop wearing only a T-shirt, my coat. I thought of my dad.

It felt like the right thing to do and it also helped me. It made my Easter seem better, brighter even through my doubts and struggles.

In the end, we do what we think is right in life and we hope our soul and the souls of others are touched along the way. There is something that feels eternal in helping others.



2 thoughts on “Believing at Easter

  1. Why do we let our personal fantasies, and imagination coupled with the collective imagination of our cultural place and time (whether organized or otherwise) subsume those higher principles of reason, rationality and critical thinking?

    Sure, it’s lovely to believe, fun to have faith, seek magic and magical-thinking as answers and explanations, but such exercises in creativity, clever imagination, artfulness, and flights of fancy should not be confused as descriptions of reality.

    Yes, we seek to comprehend, to find purpose and meaning, to make tangible our emotions, fears, grief, awe—we express our human nature through our stories and we try to bind our relationships through our systems of belief. But, perhaps somehow we also suspect that if we subject the assumptions that we found to be our our comfort and hope (salvation) to rigorous scrutiny, careful questions, doubt and dissent, we fear we may eventually discover something else: that maybe all that we are, and all that we have been led to hold dear, were wrong and fashioned not on knowledge, truth and fact but on misconceptions, lies, caprice and deliberate ignorance.

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