Is it OK to say Happy Easter?

Easter doesn’t get the same attention as Christmas. So there isn’t any kind of backlash that I’ve heard to saying, Happy Easter.

Unlike saying Happy Holidays at Christmas, there is no suggestion of a generic Happy Spring Holiday for the Easter season.

I probably made a faux pas when I wished a Happy Easter to my doctor (who has a Jewish name).

So I wondered if you say Happy Easter or Happy Holiday or perhaps simply, “Have a good long weekend.”

I’m going to continue to use “Easter” in my wishes.

So I will wish you all a Happy Easter weekend.


3 thoughts on “Is it OK to say Happy Easter?

  1. Easter is the high point in the Christian calendar, despite the lack of commercializing
    of it compared Christmas. It’s not really necessary to wish people this and that –
    suspect it became more common with the post-war introduction of greeting cards
    for ever occasion and non-event there’s a market for. How weird it is to see ones
    saying ‘Happy Remembrance Day’…Am still surprised when someone feels the
    need to wish me Happy Thanksgiving..
    Have a good statutory long weekend regardless of the special significance of the
    Friday and the third day, Sunday, for Christians, active and lapsed. He Is Risen
    was the traditional salutation, wasn’t it ?
    One can have a “Jewish” surname without being Jewish, but best to be on the safe
    side and save the religiously-charged Easter salutations for whom it’s meaningful
    if only in a chocolate bunny sort of way – or the decorated eggs of central Europe.
    – Anniversary-wise, this Easter Monday is the 95th of a key event in our military
    history – the Canadian victory at Vimy Ridge in France. The 100th, falling in the
    year Sesquicentennial of Confederation is what the current militarism seems to
    be leading up to.
    Now you are a civilian, you are not having paid time off…!

  2. This is what you are going to be working on? Sounds interesting –
    2012 London Fringe Festival June 6 – 17 various Downtown venues.
    -You gave me a lovely holiday/Holy Day treat, going back to our Coutts
    Cards being taken over by US Hallmark Cards just after WW2 and the
    explosion of the idea that anything can and should be celebrated by
    buying one of their products.
    Easter greetings to you and yours..

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