Two more photos from the Great War

This is the second photo of my great-grandfather in my family’s possession that I referred to in an earlier post.

This photo is from the William Notman collection photo and was sent in by a viewer.

It is suggestive of the painted photographer’s backdrop used for full length portrait of my great-grandfather. Dated ‘1914?’ by McCord Museum

Also wanted to note that for those interested in finding out more about what these young men were doing and where they were during portions of the war, I was sent an e-mail about researching with your London Public Library card free of charge.

With a card, you can access the Globe and Mail online archive “Canada’s Heritage 1844.”

In 1919, the 48th Highlanders, beginning mid April and into mid May, when their troopship the Baltic apparently, is expected to have reached port, planned Toronto parades and entertainments. There is a reference to walking out dress and sticks too. My great-grandfather may well have been in the parades.


2 thoughts on “Two more photos from the Great War

  1. It’s not quite accurate to refer to the Returning Soldiers as “young” nor
    their opposite numbers, the “fallen”. There had to be leadership, some
    professional military, some just talented citizen/soldiers from many
    peacetime occupations.
    Browsing CEF Attestations generally we find two of surname Dann born
    a decade before Confederation, and one late conscript was born in 1849.
    Not all sent overseas, but willing and able.
    Dr. McCrae for example was in uniform for the second time, a veteran of
    South Africa/Boer War, almost 60 when he volunteered again in 1914.
    And nursing sister officers were at least in their 30’s to have the needed

  2. Sorry, 60 is obviously wrong. McCrae was born in Guelph 1872.
    His CEF Attestion documents show him as 41 years and 9 months of age
    when he enlisted on September 22, 1914 at Val Cartier PQ.
    VWM give his age at death as 45 years as of 1918, January 28 when he
    died in France.

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