Ontario budget unpopular with workers

The provincial budget handed down Tuesday has already resulted in workers banding together to fight it.

The doctors have come out swinging – suggesting patients could be at risk if the pay structure is changed and wages are capped.

Teachers have already been holding meetings to fight back on their pay freeze.

Police and firefighters worry about their upcoming contracts.

But cuts are needed; I don’t think anyone disagrees with that. It’s just how we get there.

I would like to see these employee groups  come up with some solutions to the deficit rather than saying, ‘Don’t touch my pay.’

We will all feel the pain to some degree in this budget. Before the McGuinty Liberals told us the truth about the trouble we were in, I was hoping a new French Immersion school would be announced so that my children wouldn’t have to change schools because of overcrowded classrooms. That’s not going to happen now and I accept it.

I also believe it was disingenuous for the Liberals to campaign on a “great record” knowing there was trouble ahead.

We were deceived and I don’t appreciate it.

What do you think of the budget?


7 thoughts on “Ontario budget unpopular with workers

  1. Gord, I think you once lamented in an earlier post that if the harness racing industry was left without government support and similar largess there would be catastrophic consequences across the board such as ‘thousands of horses’ destroyed and owners, breeders et al put out of business. Why couldn’t this ‘supply’ of horses be introduced to elementary and secondary school curricula and thereby provide riding and grooming opportunities to school kids and the public in general. Perhaps some horses could be introduced to Police departments; some could be promoted as ‘green’ delivery systems by Post office, municipal departments, Transit authorities, taxi services and yes, even horse teams put into service as school buses. Also, how about racing the horses without a ‘gambling’ pay-out, or purse—in other words strictly charity fund-raing events where money is raised by admission to be paid out to the charity. Why not racing for fun where amateurs are taught an introduction to racing, or polo, or rodeos, steplechase. Or how about: wild-horse parks and preserves; more show-horse courses, events, even more RCMP musical rides that could tour simultaneously around the world. There are so many more alternatives to harness racing-horse “slaughter” (as you put it) if one only tries to think creatively on the soltion.
    Of course if profit was the only motivator then what about shipping them all to France for horse-meat processing.

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