The Joga Bonito at the new dome

My son has played indoor soccer at the BMO soccer dome on Rectory St. all winter. The season is almost over for the year.

It’s a beautiful facility. Thanks to Albert Choy, Fred Benenati and Tom Partalas, who coordinated efforts to have this facility built. Albert and Tom also referee the kids’ games.

While watching the children play, it’s easy to see why soccer is called the Beautiful Game or Joga Bonito.

There is one little girl on my son’s team who smiles throughout the whole game. She loves playing that much.

She isn’t the best player on the team, but every time the ball comes toward her, her smile gets bigger.

Even if she runs to it and misses it, this girl still smiles.

She’s an inspiration, really. I wish everyone would play the game with such heart and joy as she does.

It’s for kids like her that the volunteers work so tirelessly.

Have you been to the new dome? You should really check it out. It has a walking track around it as well so people can work out. London is lucky to have it.



2 thoughts on “The Joga Bonito at the new dome

  1. A sweet-heart land-swap deal if I ever saw one, where taxpayers fund the majority of the clean-up and construction costs but a corporation (BMO) gets naming rights to that soccer facility. In my opinion: it should have been those who paid more than 51 percent of total building/land/construction costs that should have had naming rights…in this case the public. No public notice for naming or public input whatsover as to design, placement or any consideration to the neighbourhood was sought.

    None of the Western Fair deliberations, minutes of western Fair meetings, letters etc pertaining to this deal (or any Western Fair deal) have ever or will ever be made public. The Western Fair is an “agricultural society” that is, a ‘secret society’ on to itself. Their arrogance was manifest in their earlier unilateral decision to build the former IMAX where and how they pleased (a current boondoggle, ill-considered from the start…both design and placement and financial support issues ignored) so why should taxpayers have confidence in this soccer ‘playroom’ (my description) idea have any hope of continuing to be viable in the long term. Yes I realize they currently have no formal role at the soccer facility…but no one can exclude the idea of them not having any current/future active/passive role in the place. Remember again, their records are blocked from any public scrutiny…even when ironically city councillors sit on the Western Fair Board, but they too (public officials!) are barred from disclosing content, minutes, agenda to the public that supports them.

    On the point of viability…wouldn’t it have been a good idea and wouldn’t it have made sense for one: to have included seating as part of the design of this place, and two: have taken more of a realistic design approach for traffic ingres/egress, number of parking spaces and bus transportation accomodations.

    I don’t have high hopes for this place. It could have been a monument, a destination a beautiful building rather than what to all appearances from outside looks like a down-market warehouse. Not even as beautiful as City-built warehouses at the airport and assorted other industrial parks. Shameful.

    Also, we should all be wary with what the Western fair is planning now that it has gobbled up more of the surrounding neighbourhood (houses on eastside of Rectory and King, and northside of King, south of Rectory.)

    Your readers on this blog who are historians and fans of history and nostalgia will surely be able to comment on all the homes the Western Fair has engulfed and absorbed over the years, and the various decisions the Western Fair has made (always in private…even though it is granted tax-free status) that can lend credence to it being a major cause of the decay of that neighbourhood…and by extension, one of the main catalysts of, if not destruction of the Old East, and surely through its self-interested agenda and private plans very sorely always contributed to preventing its recovery.

  2. Anyone,
    You make great points but I look at it from the kids’ perspective and I think it is a great benefit for them.
    I would have liked to have input on the naming rights as well and I try not to include the corporate sponsor in writing. In this case, there is another dome in the city and other areas where indoor soccer is played so included it for ease of reference.

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