Disgusting sentence in the Graham James case

I’m shocked that the judge let sexual offender James off the hook with such a light sentence of two years. He’ll end up serving less than a year and he’ll be out.

For the damage he inflicted on the kids he assaulted, this is just beyond comprehension.

I have always advocated for children and instead of letting people who abuse children off with light sentences, they should be judged even harsher. Innocent children have no way to protect themselves.

What did you think of the sentence?

And the fact that James wore a scarf around his face means he will be back offending again. We don’t know what he looks like so he’s free to roam around seeking more victims.

His lawyer said he has now directed his desires to young looking adults instead of children. Yeah, right.

He’ll go after teens again and say he thought they were adults.

The world needs to know what Graham James looks like because he’ll leave the country again when he gets out and set off another chain of sexual assaults and a fresh batch of victims.


6 thoughts on “Disgusting sentence in the Graham James case

  1. It’s sad to point out but this more justice that many in similar circumstances have received in the past.

    Twenty, thirty and more years ago, child abuse, assault, homicide cases were not very much reported, discussed, properly prosecuted, let alone properly investigated.

    Yes, even child murder cases were handled sloppily if at all.

    It may be astonishing to some to know that in the 1980’s and 90’s Ontario didn’t even have a properly designated Pediatric Forensic Pathologist. Many cases were missed due to the fact that pathologists enlisted to do post mortems on child criminal cases were ill-prepared, and had no specific Forensic training or certified Forensic qualification to properly investigate and process the evidence.
    See one official report describing some of theses instances below:


    Back to the case at hand: I reiterate my comment from the earlier string discussion where I tried to make an argument calling for public access to a database of sexual offenders.

    Alternatively, if the community is disappointed with the sentence (although from what is usually represented, child molesters in jail tend to face inmate justice) the parents, teachers, counsellors, coaches, social workers, priests and others should demonstrate this loss of public confidence in the sentencing guidelines by protesting, letter writing, educating the society to re-think these issues.

    Ironically though some of the worst offenders are: the parents, teachers, counsellors, coaches, social workers, priests and others…

  2. Anyone,
    I have a friend who feels the public should call for the judge’s resignation in this case. What do you think about that approach?
    Seems to me that judges are really untouchable.

    • It has been said justice is blind. This is a perfect example as it would seem judge Carlson was wearing James’ scarf around her eyes when she accepted the fact he has been rehabilitated. Shame on her. She should hang up her robes!!! Pathetic is the only way to describe her handling of justice.

  3. Venting about a particular judge or judgement is not productive. Process for taking certain action as discussed re: Removal or Discipline is an involved procedure. See below at site of Canadian Legal Information Institute:

  4. If judge is shown to have acted improperly or was incompetent there should be consequences. If persons disagree with verdict, it should be discussed with elected representatives and efforts made to change the laws and sentence guidelines.

    @KR-Will your friend write a letter? Will she lobby her legislators? Will she join an advocacy organization? If she does write a letter perhaps you may wish to also include it here.

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