Differences between Vancouver and London riots

Obviously the Vancouver riot after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup was larger and fiercer.

It is interesting to me that the Vancouver riot started because the NHL team lost the Cup. Would it have happened if the team won? 

In London, people were celebrating lovely weather and St. Patrick’s Day (which is just an excuse to drink).

There was no apparent reason why the mob started to attack police.

Is it simply because partiers thought the police would break up a good time?

Can the police and Fanshawe really prevent this from happening again, considering they have made these promises in the past that out-of-hand partying would not be tolerated?


2 thoughts on “Differences between Vancouver and London riots

  1. Did anyone catch the exact words of the London item on CBC 22 Minutes
    last night?
    Something like “.. Riot damage $100,000. Police chief surprised that
    anything in London is worth $100.000”.
    That seems a gratuitous slam, can’t think of any other city they have gone
    at that way.

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