So tired of insurance companies

I’ve been working on getting our health benefit expenses back.

The run around you get is ridiculous.

One minute they tell you something is covered under your plan and then when you submit it, it’s rejected.

For a while my kids’ dental coverage was coming back no problem. Then they told me they weren’t covered under the plan and I had to submit some forms, make a bunch of phone calls and wait.  They said it was a “mistake” that they had received coverage in the past.

Then the company made me re-submit all of the claims again, even though they had them all previously.

It you’re trying to coordinate benefits coverage with your spouse’s company, well good luck.

I like the Standard Life commercials about probability. I hate dealing with them.


6 thoughts on “So tired of insurance companies

  1. …could have been yet another good topic for your film project..

    Talking about ‘commercials’…What’s with the Advertising that you now have on your site?

  2. KR…on two seperate occasions while viewing your site late Monday evening and early Tuesday a YouTube style box appeared with the word Advertisement underlined situated above the top left portion of the box. The box ad then started to play. This happened once above your post of ‘Becoming a film-maker…’ and then again above ‘So tired…’ On both occasions I simply closed out of your site as I was not interested in a sales pitch.

    Now visiting your site early Wednesday morning, there is not a trace of ads anywhere, and I can see from your surprised response above that the appearance of the ads were indeed something strange.

    Very odd.

  3. Thanks for letting me know Anyone.
    The blog tool that I use is WordPress so it is possible the ads were placed there by that company. I have not seen any. I am glad they were taken down quickly. Please let me know if you see the commericals again. I know you clicked off it quickly, but any idea what was being advertised?

  4. One ad pop-up ad was from “Crate and Barrel” (a housewares/furniture concern) promoting Disney theme bakeware.

    The other ad was from some kind of educational ‘career institute’ promoting “life changing” chef training, film and animation courses.

    I had not specifically seen these ads before on surfs to other blog spots at WordPress but they are similar to ads that pop-op at the LFPress site. Just speculating but maybe these ads followed me from LFPress, the site I was looking at prior to clicking=on to yours.

    I have since cleaned out my cache and perhaps eliminated those particular ad cookies.

    Very glad that the ads were not there because of any decision on your part to place such annoying key word pop-up ads between the posts.

    Will let you know if I observe this situation again.

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