We did it! Our Cat Pictures completes the challenge

Cat Pictures, named for Free Press photographer, videographer and multi-media editor Morris (the Cat) Lamont, left, completed the challenge of making a film in 62 hours. Also in this photo are me, Bill Hill and Craig Glover.

Below is Morris climbing over a fence on a downtown building rooftop. It was pretty cold up on that rooftop with the wind blowing on Saturday. We spent about two hours up there.

Morris dropped the completed film off at the London Fringe office this a.m. before the 10 o’clock deadline.

The Fringe has held the contest for the past four years. The first year, I was a judge.

This year, Morris and I decided to enter.

We assembled a great team – actors Bill Hill, Kathy Quayle, Danielle O’Quinn, Craig Glover (also part of the crew), Yuri Pool, a musician who also wrote an original song for our entry – and went to work for a harried 62 hours. 

Thanks to Anyone and Gord, who made suggestions for our film.

Thanks also to Coffee Culture, who let us film there and Jonathon’s art gallery, who took us up to the roof.

All the entries will be screened March 18 at 1 p.m. at the London Convention Centre.


5 thoughts on “We did it! Our Cat Pictures completes the challenge

  1. Is your film available for viewing. I searched the “Fringe” website but found it unhelpful in this regard. Saw two films at LFPress.com site, but no links to others in the competition.

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