The anguish of Tori’s mother

My heart breaks for Tara McDonald, who has struggled with drug addiction for a number of years.

McDonald testified yesterday in the murder trial of Michael Rafferty.

Did her drug addiction play a part in her daughter’s kidnapping?

Admitting she bought OxyContin from the mother of Terry-Lynn McClintic, we wonder if little Tori recognized the younger McClintic, who lured her away from the school. McDonald said the little girl wasn’t around when she bought drugs from the McClintics.

It’s hell enough to have your child kidnapped and brutally murdered, but the horror of knowing you bought drugs from your child’s murderer is beyond imagination.

McDonald has tried to get off drugs. Last September she was charged again with possession of a controlled substance. 

Many are critical of McDonald. But addiction is an illness.

I try not to judge but thank God that I have never had to deal with the scourge of addiction.

Are you following the trial or do you find it too difficult to hear the evidence?


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