Christopher Plummer still basking in Oscar glow

As the oldest actor to win the top acting award, Plummer is receiving lots of attention.

He also received a standing ovation on the night.

I don’t pretend to know Plummer; I only interviewed him once. But it is an experience I won’t soon forget.

He was charming and polite.

People had warned me that he would be gruff. And they said, ‘Whatever you do, don’t ask him about Sound of Music.’

Of course I did ask him about SOM, his most famous movie which he came to despise.

He mentioned something inconsquential about it and we moved on.

He made fun of the coffee at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, where I was interviewing him and he mentioned that his wife was a good cook. Tennis kept him in shape he said and really he was having the time of his life acting in great roles.

Gives us hope that we can continue to contribute well into our 80s.

What is your favourite Plummer role?

I have to admit I still love the Sound of Music. Also enjoyed his stage work in Barrymore.


4 thoughts on “Christopher Plummer still basking in Oscar glow

  1. What is your favorite Plummer role?
    The role he played in the elevator @ St Joes when he said hello to my wife…..

    Sutherland Sr. played the same role a couple years later . .
    Bother their visiting relatives . . .
    MMMmmm Hunter or the Isles mmmmm geeeeeeeeee tuff …

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