Keep James locked up until he takes therapy

Convicted sex offender Graham James’ sentencing hearing concluded Wednesday and the public will learn details of his sentence on March 20.

The former hockey coach who abused players such as Theoren Fleury and Sheldon Kennedy should spend years behind bars for the repeated and brutal abuse that he inflicted.

 Fleury’s impact statement said it took more than 20 years for him to turn his life around after the abuse

Shouldn’t James pay that same price?

Kennedy said that the last time James was in prison, he refused treatment. After his second sentence is handed down it should come with a stipulation that he stay in prison until he undergoes treatment.

Otherwise, he’ll get out of prison and do it again.

And remember his first conviction was pardoned in 2007.

James fled the country and lived in Spain and Mexico for some time. Did abuse occur in those countries?

The justice system needs to ensure James never hurts another child or teen again. And he should never be pardoned.

Kudos to Kennedy, Fleury, and now Fleury’s cousin Todd Holt who decided to step forward and reveal his name at the sentencing hearing, for speaking out on behalf of all victims.


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