It’s about protecting kids

I for one am OK with the govnerment and police using electronic means to spy and nab onnline predators.

The Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act has been a source of huge debate this week in the House of Commons.

I know many of you will agree with opposition parties on this that are playing up fears the feds could get personal info that is none of its business.

That is not what the government wants to do. It is giving police tools to go online to see criminal activity. If you’ve got nothing to hide, what’s the big deal?

Child sexual abuse and child pornography is rampant. It is sickening and disgusting.

If this bill can protect children, go for it.


3 thoughts on “It’s about protecting kids

  1. Why not also give the Canadian public the same access to convicted sex predator’s database information to which many in the US states currently have available?

    If parents want to protect their kids it seems to me that one of the first steps would be to see if convicted sex predators are living next door and equally to see if one recognizes from the posted mug shots if any of these offenders are hanging out and coaching their kids at the playground.

    If public money is used to prosecute, incarcerate and monitor these types of criminals, then the public has a full right to know, to be fully informed, (with full disclosure always and foremost as a public right), and as such, therefore to be able to make appropriate, knowledgeable choices and be able to individually assess and protect one’s family’s interests based on awareness of this information.

  2. Anyone,
    Full disclosure certainly is important. And access to such a database would help protect children. Vigilantes may take justice into their own hands, I suppose once this database is public domain.
    Do you think we should have access to said database?

  3. The fear of vigilante justice is a red herring typically used to supress the creation of free and easy acces to public information.

    It should be noted vigilantism is punishable by existing laws. Also, vigilantism can be found in closed, totalitarian societies too.

    Since Canadians are currently kept in the dark…does it mean there is no vigilantism here. Of course not. This would be a false assumption and faulty association.

    Likewise, strict media blackout at trials is supposed to guarantee fairness…does this mean that all trials are fair and all convictions just…DOUBTFUL, it just means that a paternalistic system has managed to shut down the media and the corresponding public’s right to know, denying the public information it needs to better judge for itself how justice in its name is being conducted.

    All dealings with our government, all government collected information, paid by the public, should be easily and freely accessible to the public.

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