Best moments of the Grammys

I watched all three and a half hours of the Grammys on Sunday night.

There were many good moments.

I love gracious winners (and losers). Fergie clapping wildly when she lost proved she isn’t a sore loser.

I thought Adele’s moments in the spotlight, accepting the six Grammys, could teach us all how to win gracefully.

And that voice. As the music business lost Whitney “the voice” Houston this past weekend, it gained another stunning talent whose deep and impassioned voice will likely be remembered through the decades.

I also enjoyed watching Paul McCartney perform: His eyes were big and gleeful, just as I remember  seeing them on footage of his days performing with the Beatles. It is clear no matter the age, the eyes tell the story of a man born to perform, whether to a crowd of millions on TV or in a intimate bar setting.

Glen Campbell proved courage isn’t something only the young can pull off.

In what will likely be his last performance on such a grand stage, Campbell sang his signature song, Rhinestone Cowboy.

Campbell, 75, has Alzheimer’s and he is touring one final time.

I was blown away by his strength, both in spirit and voice.

His voice sounded amazing and he didn’t falter at all. Except for his aged face, you would not know that Campbell released that song in 1975. (This contrasted with Tony Bennett who had to read a teleprompter for the words from his hit It Had to be You, and the Beach Boys who had help with their number Good Vibrations and needed it).

Campbell has nine Grammys, including the one he picked up Sunday for lifetime achievement.

And then there were the not so great moments.

I’m not sure what Nicki Minaj was trying to convey. But the theme of exorcism and her Roman song left me scratching my head.

Stick with Madonna Nicki.

Any other thoughts on the music industry’s biggest night?

Too much about Whitney Houston or not enough?

I expected a medley of her hits by different artists, not just Jennifer Hudson singing one song.


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