Weed Man has some curious business practices

A Weed Man representative showed up at our home last night to offer free quotes on lawn care.

We usually get lawn aeration (from another company) so I asked this employee if Weed Man does aeration.

He said yes and he would get us a quote.

Then he pulled out a sheet that had our address and name on it. I asked where he got the list and he didn’t really answer. I asked him again and he said head office.

He asked for an e-mail address for the quote so I gave him a secondary e-mail that isn’t often used as has no personal information on it.

But then he wanted me to initial his list.

I refused to and he said he couldn’t give me the quote without my initials as his bosses need to see that I want the quote. I said that I’ve given him an email address so that shows I would like a quote.

He said never mind and walked away.

So will I still get a quote or because I refused to initial his list does that mean they won’t do business with me?

I don’t understand this at all. It’s bad enough that this company has names and addresses of our whole neighbourhood, but now they want me to sign something before they’ll give me a quote?

It’s a curious way to do business (especially as the employee walked away from me saying “Never mind”), but also inapproriate.

Shortly after this encounter, I was watching CBC and the networkk previewed it’s Marketplace show. Interestingly, this week’s segment focusses on Weed Man.

This is from the CBC website.

“Hundreds of people in Ontario have complained about being charged for services they did not request from Weed Man, Canada’s largest lawn-care company.

“A Marketplace investigation by CBC’s Tom Harrington reveals that the provincial Ministry of Consumer Services has sent the company’s head office a compliance order to stop certain sales tactics.”

I’ll be curious to see this show, which airs Friday night.

Has Weed Man come knocking on your door?


13 thoughts on “Weed Man has some curious business practices

  1. I was getting 3 – 4 calls a week from Weed Man, I now have call block……works great..
    BTW every real estate agent in London can get a list of your streets household names & phone numbers.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t too easy to get .
      Good luck with your weeds and the crap they omit to the air .
      Or worry about the Habs winning on the road ..Nice to see Phil win .

      chow . . have a good weekend.

  2. My God Kathy. This is one of the worst companies you can deal with. Marketplace on CBC just aired a show about them. What a nightmare company they are. I am sure if you check the web site you should be able to catch the show. They were in serious trouble with the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Affairs.

  3. I took a call from them one time and asked for them to mail me a quote. I received something in the mail and didn’t open it right away. The next thing I know, a man shows up at my house to do work on my lawn. Luckily I was home and told him no way. I opened up the envelope and they had sent me a bill, not a quote. I called them so then they wanted to email me a quote so I too gave them my junk email address and the email they sent me didn’t even have my correct name. It was addressed to someone completely different. Definitley won’t be hiring them ever!

  4. Weedman is a franchise with individual owners. It is unfortunate some customers had bad experiences with continuous service/automatic renewals. Many lawn care companies act like this:. Dr. Green and Green Lawn also automatically renew your service the next year, it’s happened to me. It is on the paperwork and if you aren’t reading the fine print that isnt’ really the companies issue. To note: Weedman Burlington where I live, they call or email me every year to rebook services so I get to decide yearly and my lawn looks great! Same owner for years so no problems there.

    • Thank god the Ministry of Consumer Services didn’t listen to people like you and instead said the Weed Man was doing the following:

      • Requiring consumers to pay money without clear consent from the consumers that the service was requested (section 45)

      • Providing written contracts that do not comply fully with the disclosure requirements of the Act (section 46), and

      • Renewing contracts inappropriately in violation of the Act (section 13)

  5. I work for Weed Man as a door knocker. In short, the signatures just confirm that we stopped at your house and that a sales rep can give the homeowner their estimate. The signature is our only way of proving that they agreed to the quote and also to make sure no employees falsify their leads.

    Take care now!

  6. This happened to me tonight. Completely sketched me out. I closed the door after declining to sign my name or initial their tablet device and immediately googled to see if others had a similar experience with Weed Man. Glad to have found this blog. Sorry to comment so many years after this was originally posted, but wanted to let you know your article was helpful to me (now I know I’m not alone with my skepticism of their business practices).

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