Hop on the treadmill instead of grabbing those cheese balls on Sunday

Thanks to an assistant prof at the New York School of Public Health, we have some calorie counts for food consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.

A high food intake day, while the players on the field are burning calories, we’re filling our faces with unhealthy food.

Charles Platkin has calculated what we’ll need to do to burn some of these calories.

If you eat three fried macaroni and cheese balls , be prepared to take 249 laps down the length of a football field.

Three pigs in blankets? Plan to play catch with a football for 68 minutes.

One deviled egg? Get out the pompoms and do cheerleading for 12 minutes.

Three slices of Pizza Hut Meat Lover’s pizza? That will cost you 1,229 minutes of Tebowing.

Wondering about beer?

Well you’ll have to do the wave 4,280 times to burn off six Buds.

Thank you Prof. Platkin for this great information.

What do you plan to serve or eat on Super Bowl Sunday?

Now go have some fun and go Pats.



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