Watching Groundhog Day

Every year at this time the 1993 movie Groundhog Day is resurrected.

I was telling my kids about the show and told them it was funny and they should watch it.

They watched about 10 minutes and then wanted to change the channel.

So I was thinking: is it not really that good of a movie? or do my kids have short attention spans and need something faster paced?

So with Groundhog Day upon us, I  will ask you about this, dear readers.

Is the Bill Murray movie a good one?

Is it only funny for a certain generation?

Will you watch it again this year?


5 thoughts on “Watching Groundhog Day

  1. In haste – never heard of that movie before nor anyone on the cast list.
    But before you worry about your children, consider if they’re at comparable ages to what yours was 19 years ago…
    If not, what movies amused you when you were in grade or whatever ?

  2. Hi M,
    Yes, my kids are probably a bit young to appreciate the movie. I just thought they would give it a chance before writing it off so quickly.
    Growing up with Sponge Bob – the cartoon used in a study to show that kids’ brain power actually declined shortly after watching – and other cartoons that are so fast-paced Superman couldn’t keep up, I think does impact attention spans.
    The action hero cartoons that I used to watch are considered slow by today’s standards.
    I guess I was musing in general about attention as the GD movie was playing and the kids looked totally bored.

  3. My point was were you their age, apparently mid gradeschool, when you
    became a fan of the film? Or were you an adult in the early ’90s?
    Murray looks mid-40s, having adult problems, and in another country,
    – and is Groundhog Day such a major event in a child’s life? Or are we seeing media hype…?
    It’d be Interesting to hear what your other viewers enjoyed when they themselves were at the stage your youngsters are today. What are their ages, grades at school?
    Include books..

  4. Is the Bill Murray movie a good one? Yes for-sure
    Is it only funny for a certain generation? See answer to above.
    Will you watch it again this year? Maybe
    I used to think Petticoat Junction & Happy Days were excellent shows as well, in the past month I have watched repeats of both . . .Like your kids I lasted about 6 minutes.
    Sign of the times ? Reality ? Who nose for-sure.
    Isles vs Buff a reality . . easy pickens . .

  5. Hi M,
    Interesting point about media hype of Feb. 2. I like the day. I think it is a good mid-winter diversion. I much prefer it to Valentine’s Day and its affectations. I always ask my husband not to buy me anything for Valentine’s Day.
    My children are mid grade school. Would also like to know what other children’s tastes are in shows, books.
    Sports Illustrated for Kids is popular in our house. Kids’ books about WW II are also top of the list. Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which became a movie, is a good series that the boys devour.

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