Never thought I’d agree with Cherry

I have a hard time listening to Don Cherry rants. His over-the-top speech and excesses soon gets stale.

I despise that he sticks up for goon players who have intentionally hurt opponents.

But news that Leafs GM Brian Burke complained to the CBC about Cherry has me taking the side of the Coach’s Corner.

Burke apparently is upset that Cherry criticizes Toronto players and coach Ron Wilson.

Well, it comes with the territory Mr. Burke. And really, Cherry is so pro-Leaf it is difficult to stomach certain days.

If Burke doesn’t like it, he shouldn’t listen. Hockey is big biz in TO and there is all kinds of scrutiny. A coach, GM, players have to learn to deal with it.

I didn’t hear Cherry say this, but apparently he suggested Wilson doesn’t support Canadian troops because he didn’t clap at one point when there were military personnel at the game. This is reported by Sun Media’s Joe Warmington.

That is total insinuation on Cherry’s part and he should never have said that.

He loses points on that one.

But in terms of criticizing the Leafs, have at it Mr. Cherry.

Who do you think will win this rock ’em, sock ’em fight?


3 thoughts on “Never thought I’d agree with Cherry

  1. Here’s what Warmington wrote for Toronto Sun (online): …
    “Sources say that what really raised the ire of the Leafs boss was Cherry’s comment
    about how coach Ron Wilson showed he “couldn’t care less” about the Canadian troops
    because he was not clapping when they were introduced in a game earlier this month on
    military night at the Air Canada Centre.”
    One wonders if Canadian servicemen/women interpreted the Coach’s behaviour – if they even
    noticed it – as CBC commentator Cherry did.
    Wonder what Cherry actually said and the context.

  2. Hi M,
    Hard to know if personnel noticed Wilson at all. Not sure why he wouldn’t clap but likely focussing on big game about to get under way and not really paying attention to pre-game proceedings.
    If Cherry, who is a big booster of the troops, doesn’t like Wilson, he may be looking specifically to see his reaction. But as he was once a coach himself, he would be aware that coaches and players get in a zone as game time approaches.

  3. Re trying for reflected glory, is there anyone here who does not respect our military?
    What’s creepy is any suggestion the Troops themselves seek him out.
    As for clapping on demand for media commentators, since when are we accountable to them?
    Enough Cherry – I change channels the minute his name or face show up. cheers

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