Caterpillar, Accuride, who is next?

Tim Carrie’s got a tough job. The CAW boss is fighting a company with very, very deep pockets, we found out Wednesday, to keep workers’ jobs in London. (Cat announced profits of $1.55 billion while it claws back EMD workers’ salaries to half).

Now he’s fighting off reports the Accuride plant in London might be closing.

Rumours are flying at the plant that it could be toast as well after a blog indicated the company bosses were considering shutting it down.

Wonder how much Carrie makes?

Is it anywhere close to what the top London hospital official, Cliff Nordal made?

But this leads me to the next question. Is there anything Carrie can do in the face of tough economic times and a cut-throat mandate to make more for stock holders to bargain with these companies?

If they don’t want to talk, how do you make them?

He’s got to find a way and if he can, he’ll earn his money.



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