Call for fluoride ban in London: Is it a toothless argument?

Whenever the topic of fluoridation of public water systems comes up, it’s always hotly debated.

I’m not convinced that a ban is the way to go but I do think some people are affected by fluoride.

Just like WiFi causes headaches and other ailments in some people, I believe fluoride does too. But not everybody is affected by it.

So should we take fluoride out of the water for the sake of a minority of people? That’s the big question, especially as public health officials have prooof fluoride in the water prevents tooth decay.

I’ve written about this in the past and have had lots of feedback. Now it will be debated at Centennial Hall tonight.

What are your thoughts?


7 thoughts on “Call for fluoride ban in London: Is it a toothless argument?

  1. WiFi causes headaches…
    A cashier at Caesars Windsor told me the new $100 bills are giving her headaches ..
    oh ya the water chemical . .. who nose . ..

    what happened to the Isles ….

      • Sorry bout your Wings. Montreal was a little nasty, eh?
        We were driving by the track last night and my son asked to stop in. Couldn’t do it last night but we’ll get there first of the week. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Re flouride – many of us have been drinking floride water for decades.
    Not likely to be taking health advice from strangers with no obvious qualifications.
    Any studies? any word from the professional dental community about benefits/problems?

  3. M,
    Certainly the local health unit is fighting to keep it in the water. They come to the table with studies showing no adverse affects.
    Will see what else I can find too by way of international studies.

  4. One presumed effect was a slight mottling in the teeth of a child born when floride had been added to that community’s water – lifelong exposure, vs in maturity only.
    I’m uncomfortable with these almost-cultlike anti-this-and-that activity in some aspects of public health. But they sure get a lot of free ink !

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