Rally, Fontana’s comments all over airwaves

I wasn’t able to attend the rally for locked out EMD employees that was held Saturday in Victoria Park. But there is a lot of talk about it on morning radio.

I thought it was interesting that The Star said 10,000 attended while The Free Press reported 5,000.

Were you there?

I think these kinds of events help boost morale but do nothing to get the parties back to the table.

Did Fontana’s remark that the PM should get his A** down to London to help end this stalemate hurt or help the cause?

I do think the PM’s office can ask questions because of taxpayer money given to the company earlier.  And I think it should.

But in terms of asking the PM to come down and start mediating is a little far fetched.

What do you think?




2 thoughts on “Rally, Fontana’s comments all over airwaves

  1. What do you think?
    I think those people better wake up and start pounding the pavement .
    If it wasn’t for the dollar versus the dollar they wouldn’t been ere in the 1st place.

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