Seeing The Way

A low budget film written and directed by Emilio Estevez and starring his father Martin Sheen is a inspiring tale of humanity.

I saw The Way this week at the Hyland Theatre.  I have written stories about the pilgrimage this film explores, the Camino de Santiago. People have taken the Way to the shrine of St. James for centuries.

I didn’t know there is a death in the story or I might have thought twice about seeing it; nevertheless, I’m glad I did.

Still dealing with the death of my father last fall, it was hard to watch a grieving dad who lost his son.

The pilgrimage is in homage to his son. There is much Christian symbolism and metaphor as you would expect.

But Estevez said he also thought of The Wizard of Oz while writing the script.

The pilgrims experience all of the emotions of the human condition. It is a moving experience. There is some cliche in the film but it’s hard to avoid in telling the story of soul searching.

As I was watching the film, and pondering our mortality, it struck me that in so many of our conversations and interactions, we hide our true selves out of fear.

We really don’t have time to do this. Let us be genunine and sincere in all of our interactions with each other. There is no time in this life for dishonesty.

Don’t worry, there is also humour and joy in this film.

If you’re looking for something to warm your soul this January, try The Way.

Let me know if you see it.


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