Judy Bryant’s husband charged with careless driving in death of tow truck operator

The London City councillor’s husband, Murray Bryant, allegedly struck and killed the operator on Highway 3 near Windsor while the man was changing a tire.

Paul Rocheleau, the tow truck operator, was a father and grandfather from LaSalle.

OPP Sgt. Rick Tonial told The Windsor Star the truck and car it was helping appeared to be in a legal position along the highway to work on the vehicle.

“I would say they were well off the roadway, about two feet off the roadway,” Tonial said.

AM 980 first broke the story about the charge. The Free Press did not report on it.

Is this news relevant to London readers? It certainly is being talked about in my circles.


8 thoughts on “Judy Bryant’s husband charged with careless driving in death of tow truck operator

  1. Is this news relevant to London readers?
    Personally I would say its their private biz, hopefully this can be sorted out.
    I couldn’t imagine this happening if they were that far off the beaten path,,,,

  2. Of more relevance than who he’s husband-of, is Mr.Murray’s own position in London. It will be noticed at his workplace. There’s no suggestion that Ms. Bryant was involved, yet AM980 News feels the need to post online her birthplace, time in the States, and when the couple moved to London.
    But don’t think a fatal traffic incident is “private business” – there are the three-generation family, neighbours and friends of the victim, whose passing is surely worthy of being recorded.

  3. Mr. Murray Bryant, sorry – The coverage is so convoluted it is difficult to keep names
    straight.The Edmonton (Alberta) Journal provides the make of the car. Is it possible the lack of media enthusiasm for saying who the driver is in his own right , is because of who his employer is?
    But until tried, convicted and sentenced – if that how it unfolds – this man is innocent, his wife a victim of a horrible family situation to be lived with.

  4. Hi M,
    I believe AM 980 reported he works at the business school at Western. Not sure if this affects coverage for other media. I believe it is worth noting more so than anything further about his wife, other than she is a councillor.
    The Windsor Star did a story about the man who died, including quotes from a relative. London media unlikely to mention more than just his name as he is not from this community. But yes, his passing is worthy of being recorded.

  5. Get the feeling print is dancing around the university connection
    and taking it out on the wife. He’is faculty, not just an office job
    up there. Easily established by googling his name and city.
    If it were a woman driver would media identify the husband’s
    occupation ?
    Sad all around.

  6. Hi M,
    I think because Judy Bryant is an elected official that makes it relevant to the story. If the husband of a female driver facing the same charge is in public office, than it should be reported, otherwise not.
    We can compare it to the Tim Best case. That story was so newsworthy because it is the former mayor’s husband. As she is the top elected official in the city, that makes it even more newsworthy.

  7. Are you still thinking as a staffer at newspaper, or as a consumer ?
    What is your need to know, vs what is it in media’s interests to publish ?
    Anyhow, all I know is that I’m aware that a London councillor’s spouse
    was in a fatal automoblile accident out of town and charges are being laid.
    Wife-of played no role in it.
    Those who did were – the driver who had summoned a tow truck (leg broken ?),
    tow truck operator (killed), and a member of the London business school faculty.
    In the Best case, it happened locally and his place of business was identified.
    In the recent TV anchor case wife-of is not identified by media but his job was
    noted – if only because his absence would be evident almost immediately.
    Wife-of the nearly-Senior accused in the current case was absent from her job,
    which does give some reason for telling readers the reason was not frivoulous.
    Enough, we will hear more. Sometime things just vanish – remember some man
    was ripping off the Canadian Club (men’s not women’s) and don’t recall any
    information about who it was and how the case ended. Club members surely
    were entitled know – no suggestion it was announced there.
    Anyhow, awful situation for all concerned. Least of interest as a Londoner is
    uotes from those who knew the victim. Odd that an Alberta paper knew the
    expensive make of the Bryant car.

  8. Hi M,
    I’m thinking as a journalist. But it is from a different position now that I’m outside of a traditional newsroom.
    One shouldn’t make a big deal about alleged offender’s wife but I still say it deserves a mention. But I want to know what others think so thanks for your input on this.

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