Madonna hogs trophy

The Golden Globes used to be the fun awards show for Hollywood’s elite.

It’s now become a show of over-indulgence.

Too much fuss; too much gushing; too much spending on glamorous  gowns. I couldn’t watch much of it but I did catch Madonna’s acceptance speech for best original song Masterpiece, written for her movie W.E., about King Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne for love.

Madonna talked only of her movie and her song and didn’t let co-writers Jimmy Harry and Julie Frost, who were on stage with her, say a word.

She did thank them but went on to gush about how she came to  write the song.

She made Harry and Frost look foolish standing there while she went on about herself.

She is the Madonna, so I guess what could one expect.

Did you catch any of the awards?

Any surprises?


2 thoughts on “Madonna hogs trophy

  1. Did you catch any of the awards? Yup for 15 min . .
    Any surprises ? Nope couldn’t care less . .
    Who watches these things . .it’s an insult to the rational human .

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