Meeting Mike Bossy was a thrill

On Jan. 16, the London Sports Celebrity Dinner and Auction will be held in support of the Thames Valley Children’s Centre.

I have covered the event many times and bought a ticket one year when I was on mat leave so that I could meet Mike Bossy.

I got Mike to sign my Islander’s jersey with his number 22 on it.

He gave me a big smile and asked how the pregnancy was going. At that time I was only six weeks away from delivery so I was fairly big.

The dinner always offers Londoners a chance to meet their icons.

This year members of the public get their first chance to try to snag tickets for the world figure skating championships, in London in 2013.

Tickets go on sale in February, but the public can bid on ticket packages worth $1,000 at the dinner and auction.

The event is from 5 to 10 p.m. aat the London Convention Centre.

For more information, visit or call 519-685-8675 or email


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