Learning more of folk hero Billy the Kid

We’ve all heard of Billy the Kid but what do you really know about him?

I watched a PBS documentary this week on him that was fascinating.

The kid apparently was personable, fun loving, and has a great sense of humour.

He began his murderous spree after a corrupt sheriff murdered the only man who really gave a damn about the kid.

Billy’s ability to escape jails and his skill with a gun gave him his mythical status.

The documentary portrays Billy in a positive light and suggests he only did what he had to do to survive, but was a decent person who had unfortunate circumstances brought upon him when his mother died and he was only a young teen.

The movie Young Guns and its sequel, starring Emilio Estevez, were huge hits. Bon Jovi wrote music for the movie. Blaze of Glory became the theme for the sequel.

A great song. As a bit of diversion, what is your favourite Bon Jovi song?

Is Billy the Kid a murderer or rebel with a cause?


4 thoughts on “Learning more of folk hero Billy the Kid

  1. Billy has started to fascinate me as well. I hoping to be able to perform The Collected Works of Billy the Kid at some point in time.

    • We are working on BEARD a few moments in the life of Roy McDonald which opens March 2 and I am bringing Manor Park back for a limited run on March 3,10 and June 2.
      I think I lost your new e-mail. Shot me an e-mail at teresasteve@sympatico.ca and I will put you on the PR list.

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