Rise of Proletariat right here in London

It’s more than a century and a half since Marx wrote his Manifesto but finally workers in London are rising in protest and questioning our economic machinations.

Marx said the Proletariat would revolt.

But who can blame them (us)? It started with the huge bonuses paid to executives after government gave millions in bailout money.

Now we seen Caterpillar asking workers to take a 55% pay cut to boost the company’s bottom line.

These are skilled labourers who earn and deserve their pay.

When did Caterpillar become so ruthless?

In 2008, it announced it would cut employees’ salaries by 15% and executives by 50%. Bad news for sure, but it also offered voluntary buyouts. Now the company is biding its time until it can move its plant south and leave the London workers out in the cold, literally.

 Would these workers have accepted a 15% cut?

Not sure. But asking workers to work for way less than they deserve is an insult.

Other unions are joining forces with the locked-out Electro-Motive plant now.  What happens here will affect how the working class is dealt with elsewhere.

Enough greed. Here’s to the masses.


2 thoughts on “Rise of Proletariat right here in London

  1. The marketplace is ruthless, and is much more a factor than an individual company.

    Also, there are always important business imperatives, market considerations and any number of competitive calculations that inform any commercial enterprise’s business decisions.

    To continue as an ongoing concern, a company must weigh among other things, cost of production, market demand, worldwide price competition.

    Additionally, consumers will always demand highest quality at the lowest cost, and as an example: Who among us is willing to exchange everything in our shopping cart for the 54% or 200% higher priced product to cover whatever benevolent benefits package that ostensibly may accrue at each manufacturer’s workplace?

  2. It won’t take a genius to observe now more than three months after EMD, the equally large London employer GD (General Dynamics) will also start to rethink many established notions of its relationship to city and workers here…especially now seeing changes at the top with new COO and consolidation of world-wide defense business.

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