Londoner wins QMI female athlete of the year

QMI Agency, Quebecor’s news arm and the largest owner of newspapers in the country, has chosen Christine Nesbitt as its female athlete of the year.

It’s an excellent choice. Nesbitt won nine gold medals in World Cup speed skating in 2011. She won a gold medal at the Vancouver Olympics as well.

Nesbitt is humble and hard working. I have had the pleasure of interviewing her a few times and she is sincere and forthcoming.

The first time I talked to her was during the 1999 Canada Winter Games in Corner-Brook, Nlfd.

Nesbitt was only 14 but even then she was mature enough to know what she wanted and what she had to do to get it.

Let’s offer her our hearty best wishes for the 2012 competitions.


2 thoughts on “Londoner wins QMI female athlete of the year

  1. Good choice. She does London proud!

    Why would you say most athletes are unlike her — they’re immature, childish, spoiled. What does she have the majority of athletes don’t? Is it because she was raised in a level-headed town like London?

    • Hey Dan, Wish I could say that Christine’s success had something to do with London but I don’t believe so, other than she must have had some great coaching locally and encouragment to get to where she is. As for the quality to success, I think she could have lived anywhere and succeeded because she had drive. Christine was singularly focussed, even at 14. She knew what she wanted and she knew how to get it. At the Canada Games she was a bit shy but wanted to talk about her race, what was good about it and what she needed to do next time. She was hard on herself even then, wouldn’t make excuses. Her willingness to take responsibility and learn from each race, rather than make up excuses – which is what I heard from some of the top competitors at the Olympic level – was remarkable.

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