Needing help with Bell

Does anyone have a contact at Bell Canada that they trust?

I have been trying to get some information from them and I have been given different answers but so far rejected in my request.

When my father passed away, he had made a local phone call. We are trying to determine what time he made the call because later that day he died. No one was with him when he died.

We know the number he called from and the number he was calling, but we do not have the time.

At first Bell said I couldn’t get that information because the telephone account wasn’t mine. After getting the account holder to call Bell, they then said this information could not be traced because Bell does not keep these records.

They said local calls cannot be traced.

However, one customer service representative in Bell’s executive office said those calls can be traced if there is a legal reason to do so.

I have tried several times to get a straight answer and the majority of reps I talked to said it was impossible to trace.

There is still some doubt in my mind, so I’d like to know for sure if this is true.

If the police or a lawyer needs it, they should be able to find out that information. The last rep I talked to yesterday, who was very sympathetic and said she wished she could help, said there is simply no way to know what time the call was made. My father did leave a message at the number he called, but unfortunately it was erased before the time could be checked.

So if you know anyone who works at Bell, can you let me know?

I am willing to exhaust all possibilities to get this information, but I’m losing hope.

Thanks for any help you guys can provide.



13 thoughts on “Needing help with Bell

  1. o.k., so why not get a lawyer or even get the police involved?

    Are you suggesting foul-play is possibly suspected? Why is the exact time significant…to establish time of death?…circumstance or cause of death?…accuracy of message that was left on the machine matching some other unstated fact, sush as was it related to, or alluding to some other tempral fact, a particular state of mind, or a specific and corresponding condition such as time- lapsed medical doses or medication mix-up?

    Are you looking for a kind of real time authentication of his last expressed wishes?

    In any case, it is my humble opinion: if Bell says you need a lawyer…don’t waste anymore time…get a lawyer.

    • We are trying to establish time of death. We do no suspect foul play. His message, which was left for my brother, just said to call him as soon as possible, but the message came in after two other messages from those at the scene that stated he had passed away. I know there can be a hold up of calls placed in remote locations but I am not sure how two calls informing us of his death could both arrive before my father’s message. Because Bell has given me conflicting information about getting a lawyer, I am not so sure retaining a lawyer will help and before going down that path I want to make certain. Only one rep told me a lawyer could get the information, the other reps said it was impossible to trace. That is my dilemma. Believe one rep or the other three that said it can’t be done.

  2. What if it is one of those things that can’t be explained? I probably sound a little nutty (or maybe alot lol) but I’ve always found odd things happen after a family member passes. My FIL passed 5 years ago Dec. 16 and Christmas Eve that year we came home after church and our house had this faint scent of cigarette smoke throughout it that had no explanation. We are not smokers, nothing was touched in our house. But my FIL was a smoker and that was part of what contributed to his death and we always thought of it as his message to tell us he was okay. After my aunt died, my radio kept randomly turning on. It stopped doing it but then it started doing it again earlier this year when I found my aunt’s daughter that she had given up for adoption. I’ve had my message light keep flashing on my phone even though there was no messages in another instance. I’m a pretty logical, level-headed person so it was hard to go down this road but I have come to think sometimes our loved ones find ways to send us messages after they are gone. We just need to believe…

  3. My deepest condolences KR.

    Most saddened by the heartache of your ordeal. Truly sense the confounding frustration of it all.

    Here are some quick ideas (perhaps you’ve already considered them too): The customer service reps’ diverent answers are reason enough to call again and ask to speak to a supervisor, department head, or even higher, since you obviously have a specialized request that requires a senior decision-maker with appropriate-level authority (always keep a tally of names and level of authority). Ask them for direction/procedure to file this formal request for this specialized information. Ask if you should direct your legitimate query to their ombudsman? Technical supervisor? Legal Dept.? Board of Directors?

    State to them that you are prepared to provide any necessary certified death certificate, your own ID, and indicate your willingness to comply with whatever formality or requirements they have to avail yourself of this information that you believe they should and can provide.

    Consider taking your query to your MP and ask for help filing some kind of Freedom of Information request. Find out what body regulates or licences Bell and contact that body’s ombudsman’s office to specifically verify how and under what conditions the information you require can be disclosed for a specific personal circumstance of humanitarian need, or in general for the wider principle of the public’s access to records that the company may under statute be required to compile and make available upon request.

    Was wondering: Was the phone call made from a cell phone? land line? portable phone?

    • Hi Anyone, The call was made from a land line. Bell said they could get me the information if it was made from a cell phone but it was not. I have gone to the executive office. I think the ombudsman and board of directors are good places to go next. Thanks for all of the great suggestions. I am on it.

  4. Hi Joanna,
    You are not nutty.
    I had an eerie experience after my father-in-law died.
    I was alone in the house at the time and all of a sudden music starting playing from the boys’ room.
    I went in and this little radio that only plays four songs was on, even though nobody was around to turn it on.
    You need to press a button to get each song to play but the four songs were being changed rapidly. It was kind of scary because I was alone.
    My father-in-law bought this little Blue’s Clues radio for the kids and so I knew it must be a message just letting me know he was OK.
    Thanks for sharing your story with me because strange things do happen after somebody dies and maybe Dad was calling from the other side.
    Let’s believe, especially at this time of year.

      • Kathy – Have you the authority of the Estate’s Executor/Trustee in
        looking for this information, or are you just an interested relative
        in the eyes of the phone company?
        There is surely a lawyer appointed to assist the Executor(s) –
        would it cost much if he/she sent off an inquiry about the time this
        final call was placed by the deceased ?. But be sure this isn’t too
        emotionally exhausting for all concerned for what the information
        can actually give you all about the last hours.
        New Year greetings ..

      • Hi M, The executor is aware of the request and supports it so that we can gain as much information about my father’s final hours as possible. I will check with executor about lawyer getting involved. Good idea. All the best in 2012 to you.

  5. Were any of the land line phones cordless (operating from a radio frequency base station)?
    If so, analog or digital?
    A point to note, and perhaps relevant in the instance at hand, older analog phones, as you may know, very often and very easily have their signal disrupted. It is not unusual to hear conspicuous interference and pick-up from various sources during a call.
    On the hand hand, digital cordless phones, newer models, transmit over multiple channels and often are known to use Digital Spread Spectrum, or DSS, which typically uses frequency hopping to spread the audio signal over a wide range of multiple frequencies. This prevents interference from say a nearby radio station, baby monitors, or other radio fields—a good thing, but under certain circumstances can cause a transmission delay. This may be the cause of the anomaly you described.

    I’m not a technical expert, just postulating with a limited set of assumptions and general knowledge.


    I earlier did a simple Google key word search and found something that may be helpful, I then tried to send the full article from the above website entitled, “How to Get Residential Phone Records,” by Charlie Gaston, and just seemed to have difficulty with the cut and paste technique here in this space. Attempted it a number of times, so I hope I didn’t accidently send it multiple times too. Perhaps just paste the above link in a browser.

  7. Hi Kathy,

    Sorry have not been on line much. Hope you have found what you have been looking for. I hopefully can offer some insight into this as my mother worked for Bell as a manager in operator services for 40 years. Please get in touch with me and I will see what I can find out.. p.s. I am the guy at the Freeps that also loved our Islanders. I am away from work until Jan 11 but if you call me department I am sure the gals will get you in touch with me.

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