Gaggle of people at latest crime scene

The death of 44-year-old Leonard Williams is being investigated by London Police.

Williams’ friend, Walter Katigakyok, is charged with second-degree murder.

Officers from forensics were seen coming and going from the home, carrying out boxes.

People gathered on the street to watch.  A couple of the officers were laughing about something. No idea what.

It was a sad scene to me. Williams is a father of three.

We don’t know how old his children are but having just lost my father, I know how hard it can be no matter what your age.

He also had a girlfriend and they had been together for six years. She said he talked about spending more time with his children.

Losing someone at Christmas is so hard.

Maybe he struggled with alcoholism, as media reports have stated, and he spent time on the street, but his murder isn’t something we should shrug off.

Every time someone is murdered in London, we all suffer to a degree.

If we show no regard, our city becomes a bit harder, colder.


2 thoughts on “Gaggle of people at latest crime scene

  1. You asked in an earlier post for reader’s suggestions on a name for your new blog. I think as your blog develops its own presence and following, a name will perhaps suggest itself. There is both a sensitive and introspective as well as courageous and critical thinking quality from what I discern so far to be your “voice” here and so perhaps I might suggest: “Reflections and Ruminations”

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