Are you a closet Bieber fan like a certain TO Leaf?

I find it funny that little boys, like my two, take such offence to Justin Bieber. They claim to “hate him” and they change the lyrics to his songs to poke fun at him.

This morning while watching sports highlights, there was a story that the Maple Leafs’ Jake Gardiner is a Bieber fan.

That takes guts to do so on national TV. Some of his teammates support his decision and others said they’d have to help him get over it.

It was a fun piece.

I’m just not sure what is at the heart of the Bieber hate on for many?

Jelousy? A belief that he isn’t talented? Tearing down one of our own?

Help me out with this.

I’m thinking my friend Gord, who comments on this blog, might be a closet fan.

It’s OK to come out Gord. We embrace all people here.


2 thoughts on “Are you a closet Bieber fan like a certain TO Leaf?

  1. @ 1st I thought JB was a flash in the pan, a bubble in the porcelain, now I think he is for real. Would I pay large bucks to see him entertain ? >NO< . People made fun of Elvis the pelvis, Lady Gaga, Amy winebarrel etc . . call it jealously or peer pressure whatever. BTW don't listen to anything a Tor Make Me Laugh Player would say… A Wing or Isle mate would be much wizer …… cheers

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