Drayton’s Wizard of Oz a dream

My children and I attended the Drayton production of The Wizard of Oz at St. Jacob’s and it was terrific.

Toto, played by the London dog Tilley, who was also in the Grand’s production, had the crowd eating out of her paw.

Director Adam Furfaro worked with his cast on the fine details and it paid off.

When the twister hit, the lights went out and glow-in-the dark props spun round and round, including the house that was a tiny model of Dorothy’s house in Kansas, designed by Jean Claude Olivier.

My kids are still trying to find out how the wicked witch, played with spunk by Jackie Mustakas, disappeared after Dorothy threw water on her.

Stephen Roberts did a fine job as the Scarecrow, tripping over himself always in a humourous daze.

His aerials, backflips and splits proved his awesome agililty, which is exactly what you would expect from a straw-stuffed scarecrow.

The show is only on until Saturday. It’s worth the trip.


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