Oh, what a beautiful morning

Isn’t that the first line in a song?

Walked the kids to the bus today and it was beautiful. We were bunded up and warm and the sun was shining fiercely, determined to melt the frost away.

Supposed to be a high of 11 by Thursday.

I ain’t complaining.

Are you disappointed with the mild fall and start to winter?


3 thoughts on “Oh, what a beautiful morning

  1. Hi Kathy!!! I was thinking similar thoughts on my walk in to work today – absolutely glorious outside. I’m torn – love this weather but, methinks we are going to pay for it. When the lakes don’t freeze over a bit, that means that the winter winds will be able to dump lots of the white stuff on us. However, that could mean snow days! See, torn.

    • Hey Kathy,
      Yes, I expect we will pay. The radio said last year on this date we had 16 cm of snow. What we don’t get in December will likely land in January. Yikes. Although snow days can be fun.

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