Reading the paper for the first time as an outsider

It’s a strange day for me. I should be at work this morning at The London Free Press.

Hard to believe I dont’ have to go in. But I took a buyout and it was good to leave on my terms.

I read the paper first thing this morning like I always do and even though I have my final Mother Load column in it, I am not one of the gang anymore.

I thought about my colleagues there and miss them.

But I am also excited about the possibilities on the outside.

What are you up to today?

Getting ready for Christmas. That will sure keep me busy as I haven’t done a thing yet to prepare.



9 thoughts on “Reading the paper for the first time as an outsider

  1. Although I’ll miss reading your articles in the LFP, I think that a new door is opening for you that will provide even better opportunities. You are a very talented, insightful writer. Enjoy your time with your family because nothing is more important than that!

  2. Ditto for that outsider feeling. After 35.5 years I too said “goodbye” after the Freeps being such a huge part of my life. I also share your sense of loss but also your sense of excitement for the future. All the best, Kathy!

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