Facing fears for a friend

A group of friends is trying to help a man with brain cancer.

Their approach is unique. Yes, they hope to raise funds for their friend Tyler Warren, but they also want to show him support as he undergoes chemo for Grade 4 glioblastoma.

They are asking people to do something that terrifies them. Whether it’s walking on the CN Tower Skywalk or playing with a spider, whatever scares you, they are asking you to face.

They want people to take a video of what they are doing and upload it to:


The funds needed would cover Tyler’s medical bills and daily costs as he is no longer able to work.

It has been a little more than a month since Tyler learned the news of the brain cancer so he is in the early stages of treatment.

There’s also a Facebook page called Fearless For Tyler.

What do you think of this approach?

Basement flooding in London

After heavy rains in London Wednesday night and overnight Thursday, there are basements that have flooded.

The city of London is asking you to call them if you have had flooding.

We did have some water come into the basement so I have placed a call.

Be prepared to wait on the line as it is quite busy.

The man I talked to indicated I would be getting a follow-up call. He was just taking down the information as quickly as he could because the calls are one right after the other.

Here is the number if you wish to contact the city: 519-661-4570

Have you had any issues on your property with this latest storm?

Thank you Robin Williams and Carpe Diem

With a spark of mischievousness and an innocence that never left him, Robin Williams gave hope and laughter to many. It’s so sad that in the end he had none of that hope left for himself.

How do you know someone has attained the status of gifted? When even children can recognize the genius and gravitate to it.

When I told my kids about Williams they were upset. My 10-year-old left the room and went away by himself.

He loved Williams’ movies. We watched Mrs. Doubtfire over and over. We also liked Old Dogs, also starring John Travolta, and Hook.

I enjoyed Williams’ when I was a kid as well in the TV hit  Mork and Mindy. I played Mindy once in a school production.

My favourite drama of all time is Dead Poets Society.  The lesson in that film is one I take with me every day. Carpe Diem.

We were lucky to have Williams among us.

Favorite Robin Williams’ movie or show?


The Big Cheese

Originally posted on Tourism Oxford:

Wagons move slowly when carrying cheese. The wheels of the wagon creak and slide on the stones in the road from the weight of such a cargo. Children will run along at its side amused by this unusual movement of cheese. Six horses must work diligently, careful not to let the wagon over turn. The driver will dispel with a call of whoa or faster, but horses take no warning, nor do children. Cheese is heavy.

This cheese was a cheese like no other and this outing was an anticipated event. Weighing in at 7,300 lbs when it tipped the scales at the James Harris Cheese Factory in 1866, its destination was New York and the World’s Fair. This cheese, though, would not stop there but continue on to England and perhaps impress royalty. There, Oxford County was already becoming known for its cheese and the big cheese was eagerly…

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A salute to those who served Canada during 100th anniversary of Great War


This Fokker Triplane model from World War I is at the Elgin Military Museum. There were only 320 Fokker Triplanes produced.
(Kathy Rumleski/CTV London)

I’m sharing with you a CTV London special series which aired last night and will continue for the next three nights.

I worked in partnership with Sean Irvine. He meticulously went through file footage both at our station and at the Elgin Military Museum. I joined him for a day of research at the museum. We have put together a comprehensive package, both for TV viewers and our online readers.

Sean found a story from our station in 1982 that looked at the project of Sterling Ence, who interviewed veterans using new technology at the time, a Betamax video camera, to preserve their stories.

Sean then tracked down Ence for his series and Ence gave him a wonderful quote about why he wanted to talk to the vets and record history.

“I would like to think that at the very time this was done, that this gave Jim Pickston (one of the vets) a boost. That finally somebody was listening to him. And if he died a little happier, that he had not been forgotten completely, that in itself is a pretty good thing.”

The grandson of Art Freeman, who will be featured in part 2 tonight, became emotional when he talked to Sean about preserving stories. He promised his grandfather he would ensure those that served would not be forgotten. While Art survived, his brother Robert didn’t.

Paul said his grandfather would often grapple with survivor’s guilt.

“You go down there and he’d be on the porch, or at the kitchen table with his hands on the side hill and he’d be crying, ‘Why me? Why did I live and so many have to die?”

Paul put together a book about his grandfather and great uncle that is at the Elgin Military Museum. The museum is trying to preserve even more stories, but needs funding.

Here is a look at CTV London’s coverage.


Be sure to tune in to catch the next three parts.